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Outdoor Rugs for The Outdoor Living Room: Trends & Tips

Outdoor Rugs for The Outdoor Living Room: Trends & Tips

The trend of moving the living room outside is clearly catching up! What already works best with cozy garden or porch furniture is consistent with outdoor rugs on the balcony, beside the pool, or in the garden. The stylish alternative to artificial turf comes in a diverse range of patterns, sizes, and colors and ensures comfortable living in the natural, and open air.

Discover our favorites among our outdoor area rugs from very plain to a boho chic look. Additionally, we’ll also talk about a few important caring tips to ensure proper care for your outdoor rugs.

Ready? Let’s begin by understanding why you should have an outdoor area rug in the first place.

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Why Outdoor Rugs?

Indoor rugs create a pleasant, homey ambiance. Their outdoor counterparts, on the other hand, gave a unique and appealing look to the balcony, porch and terrace! Modern materials now make outdoor rugs weatherproof and ensure a comfortable, smooth surface that your feet will absolutely love. You can walk outside barefoot and relaxed, without burning your feet or getting them dirty.

Those who are blessed with large outdoor spaces (lucky you!) can decorate it with area rugs and thus embellish their entire outside lounge area.

Easy Maintenance of Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor area rugs are made with, for the sake of practicality, strong materials such as polypropylene to withstand heat and moisture. This means that your outdoor rug can neither be clouded by a rainy shower nor be bleached by the sun. It is therefore sufficient to vacuum or shake off the rug every now and then.

Stubborn stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, you can also put your new rug in the washing machine, provided it is not too big.

Outdoor rugs for every style

  1. The Stripe Look in Scandi style
Scandi style rugs for outdoor


As with indoor rugs, you can find outdoor rugs in a variety of styles. Exciting, versatile designs make outdoor rugs ideal for the porch, balcony and terrace!

Our unique collection of outdoor area rugs in geometric patterns from cool zig-zag designs to block stripes will go with pretty much any type of outside furniture. Just place them in linear forms and you’re all set! These patterns are directly inspired by Scandinavian designs from the 50s and 60s. Bright colors and natural materials make the geometric trend a treat to look at.

  1. Ornaments for Glamorous Appearances
rugs for outdoor ornaments


Magnificent ornaments are no longer reserved for upholstered furniture of the noble. Both in the living room and outside, the glamorous ornamentation of outdoor rugs has given a modern twist, thanks to the large-meshed pattern and subtle coloring.

  1. Outdoor area rugs with an orient style
utdoor rugs with orient style


Outdoor rugs with an oriental design are not made of silk, wool or goat hair like the original, but made of weatherproof synthetic fibers. They are in no way inferior to them.

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